Seniors on the Go!

Seniors on the Go!

Seniors On The Go!

Come and join the Seniors on the Go. They are persons 55 and over who enjoy going and doing. They meet monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 12:00 for a potluck lunch, a program, and meeting. Many come early (10 am) and enjoy playing games before the luncheon.  We have field trips almost every month. Come and join us and help plan upcoming trips. Contact us at
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Current and Upcoming Events

Our wish for everyone, is to broaden our perspective to recognize every precious gift, to see every blessing that strengthens our faith and to walk closer to Christ daily.

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Seniors on the Go Officers

Chairman                                   Nan Lacy
Vice-Chairman                         Joyce Statton 
Secretary                                   Jean Krows
Treasurer                                   Betty White
Tour Directors                           Gerald Krows & Landon Heath
Hostess Chairperson                Dot Ellis
Calling Coordinator                  Elaine Bergman
Sunshine Chairperson              Claudia Hamilton
Publicity                                     Jena Schoonover

Location: Fellowship Hall