Sunday School

Sunday School

At Moore 1st UMC, we have Sunday School for all ages and stages of life. Sunday School is from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Childcare is available for those who need it, and there are church members and staff ready to serve you.


CHILDREN (1st Grade – 6th Grade)


Rotational Sunday School at Moore 1st UMC!

1st through 6th graders experience Bible stories through Rotation Sunday School. Each Bible story is taught for 6 weeks; each week children rotate through a different classroom that helps them experience the same story in multiple learning environments. Some of the rotations include:

Movies | Crafts | Story-telling | Bible lessons | Art | Cooking | Field trips | Other adventures!

Each grade level has a “Crew Leader” who anxiously awaits the children’s arrival each week.

The Rotation Sunday School program at Moore 1st UMC encourages and equips your children as they learn about the Bible and grow closer to God and one another.

YOUTH (7th Grade through 12th Grade)

Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Center | 12-18


Messengers | Room 102 East | Late 20s – Mid 30s

Rejuvenate | CLC West | Late 20s – Mid 30s

On Fire | Room 205 | 30s – 50s

Ignite | Fellowship Hall | 30s – 50s

Covenant Life | Room 111 | 50s

Seekers | Room 209 | 40s – 60s


Horizons | CLC East | 50s-70s

Circle of Love | Room 208 | 60s – 80s

Friendship | Room 209 | 70s – 80s

Crusaders | Room 109 | 60+